Choosing which representation firm is right for you can significantly impact your career, both as an athlete, and your life beyond sports. O2K understands that every client is different and focuses on each clients specific needs, goals, and aspirations.

Contract Negotiations

O2K brings its professional knowledge, experience, market trend information, and advanced statistical and economical analysis to the table for all its clients. O2K's ability as an organization to leverage these assets on behalf of all its clients ensures them the best possible contracts in a highly competitive market place.

Player Development

The foundation of O2K is centered on the development of athletes. O2K's medical and training experts' focus on the development and well being of its athletes. Together we create an environment that encourages O2K clients to do more than just compete... they succeed.

Wealth Management

O2K assists each of its clients with tax preparation, financial and estate planning. O2K's wealth management network is made up of global leaders in their respective fields, ensuring that we have the right people to meet each client's particular needs at every stage of their career.


O2K is a licensed insurance producer and assists each client in obtaining coverage specific to each individual's needs. Our office works directly with insurance industry experts in order to ensure our players have the best coverage so they can focus on performing at the highest level.

Marketing / Endorsements

O2K put its clients in a position to enhance their brand identity and capitalize on their popularity and marketability during and after their careers. O2K's experience, forward thinking, and multi-cultural background differentiate O2K from its competitors. With offices located in Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Denver and Calgary, O2K is able to develop partnerships which deliver a wide range of marketing opportunities to its clients.


O2K has successfully collaborated with companies such as: Nike, Bauer, The Hockey Company, Microsoft, EA Sports, Panini and Upper Deck Trading Cards on behalf of its clients. Through these licensing opportunities, O2K clients can maximize their value both on and off the ice.

Public Relations Media

O2K works hand-in-hand with its athletes and corporate partners to develop strategically relevant media opportunities that enhance its clients' brand identities and marketability. O2K draws upon more than 35 years of global advertising experience, in addition to more than 10 years of marketing experience at the National Hockey League.

Social Media Management

Through effective use of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, O2K boosts its clients' value both on and off the ice. O2K strategically plans a social networking strategy for its clients to connect with fans, advertisers, sponsors and charities.

Post Playing Career

O2K actively participates in assisting its clients in preparing for life after hockey. O2K's client success off the ice is just as important as their success on the ice. O2K begins preparing its clients early on in their careers to ensure that each client has a well thought out "game plan" for the future.

We Don't Just Say We Put The Client First... We Do It